The unpredictability

I am 24 and yes, I haven’t decided about my future yet. I haven’t decided what to do, where to go, where to live. I am not aware of the ideal lifestyle one should have. I am clueless about my career and my other plans. I have few plans in the back of my head, but they ain’t firm enough to be ever implemented. So what? So what, if I am not aware of my next life decision. There are many people like me. There is nothing wrong in not knowing what you have to do.

Instead of wasting half of the life, planning and failing in the pursuits, it is better to live your life unplanned. I am a firm believer in destiny. I know something good will happen. The negativity of the judgmental people around me will never stop me. It will never make me sad and depressed. And if I ever feel low, I will think about the worst that could happen to me, and then compare it to the present situation and be thankful to the Almighty for giving me such a beautiful life. Instead of wasting my life planning, I will start with little steps and preliminary goals and achieve them. Happiness is just a frame of mind, your own perception.


In the midst of…

And then she slowly walked away with a heavy heart. Few things don’t change. Few situation repeats itself. The story remains the same. The character changes. This is life. It was difficult for her. She had no fear of ridicule. But someone who loved her and observed her silently could feel the change. She was wearing off day by day. She was losing herself.

Nothing can stop you..from being happy..

For many of us, the world turns into a bitter place due to number of reasons. Heart breaks, betrayal, losing our loved ones, failures and innumerable other reasons. At times, our mood swings haunts us to such an extent that it is really difficult to deduce the real cause of our pains. We keep struggling to find reasons. We become depressed. We lose hope and find ourselves in a gloomy state. But we don’t realize, that the reason is not as complicated as much we have made it. It’s just that things ain’t going according to our way and we presume that it is the end.

I won’t lie, even i am an extremely emotional person who gets attached to humans and things very easily and i have been betrayed most of the times. But when i sit back, relax and analyze, it’s not the people or things that is bad, but it is the connection or the spark that fades with times. Real people will stick to you through your thicks and thins. But the fake ones won’t. So, in a way, it is good that i realized their real ugly face before suffering more pain and losing myself. Moreover, we learn from our own experiences and that makes us a strong person.

Life is not a bowl of colorful berries. We all have to face the black and white situation, and, the real test in human life is in finding colors in the black and white scenario. Never forget, you are your own master. No one can help you to get out of the web in which you are stuck. Your own judgment and strength will help you in carving a path which will ultimately lead to success. People will come, and people will go. This is the blunt reality of life. When someone leaves you intentionally, be it your best friend or your lover, with our without reason, never blame yourself or your fate. Just thank God, that he saved you. You are beautiful, you are strong. Positivity is the key to happy and successful life. Never let any situation or any person break you.