And when you are gone..

People say that those who are fun-loving, extrovert, adventurous, they tend to make friends easily and never have a monotonous life. But yeah, no one tells how people who are fun-loving and this and that, even, tend to lose friends easily. The reason is very simple. Such amazing people love to laugh and make everyone laugh. The way they treat you is not person-oriented behavior, but they treat everyone alike. They make those silly fun-filled gestures to everyone. And on top of it, even those fun-loving people have a heart, just like someone else. What we never realize is we hurt them, regardless of the fact that they are human too. Just because they never mind and jerk off all the comments and ridicule at them with ease and perfection does not mean, that they don’t get hurt. Those love spreading people can turn out to be very mean if the extent of you hurting them reaches their saturation point. And once that stage strikes, he or she will never look at you. They will never make you laugh. They won’t come to you. They will detach from you. Such people will take your ridicule only to the extent that doesn’t affect their identity and life. And once you hurt that crucial part in their existence, you are thrown out of their life. Without any tinge of sadness, without any emotion, without any memories, he or she will walk away from you. Walk away forever!!


The unpredictability

I am 24 and yes, I haven’t decided about my future yet. I haven’t decided what to do, where to go, where to live. I am not aware of the ideal lifestyle one should have. I am clueless about my career and my other plans. I have few plans in the back of my head, but they ain’t firm enough to be ever implemented. So what? So what, if I am not aware of my next life decision. There are many people like me. There is nothing wrong in not knowing what you have to do.

Instead of wasting half of the life, planning and failing in the pursuits, it is better to live your life unplanned. I am a firm believer in destiny. I know something good will happen. The negativity of the judgmental people around me will never stop me. It will never make me sad and depressed. And if I ever feel low, I will think about the worst that could happen to me, and then compare it to the present situation and be thankful to the Almighty for giving me such a beautiful life. Instead of wasting my life planning, I will start with little steps and preliminary goals and achieve them. Happiness is just a frame of mind, your own perception.

In the midst of…

And then she slowly walked away with a heavy heart. Few things don’t change. Few situation repeats itself. The story remains the same. The character changes. This is life. It was difficult for her. She had no fear of ridicule. But someone who loved her and observed her silently could feel the change. She was wearing off day by day. She was losing herself.

Stop Acid Attacks

It is surprising that India lags behind Pakistan and Bangladesh in terms of rules and regulations pertaining to acid attacks. The number of instances of acid attacks is rising continuously. In India, most of the attacks are targeted on the females on grounds of ego clashes with a man or rejection of a love proposal or sexual rejections.  One will be surprised that in India, property and land disputes also become a cause of acid attacks on a person. I wonder what an ego clash it is, that forces a man to depict such an inhumane behavior towards a female? Is rejection of the love proposal more painful as compared to the pain one inflicted on a lady by pouring some acids on her? What if, she is ready to marry the acid attacker and is ready to accept his proposal after the acid attack. Would the attacker accept her with a disfigured face? You loved her, right? This is the harsh reality of the world. It will be wrong on my part if i say, that acid attacks are common only in India. Today, acid attacks is one of the major crime all over the world. Even, the developed nations like United States has reported rising instances of acid attacks.

The acid attack not only disfigures a person’s face or other body parts, but it eats away their soul. The acid attack survivors suffer extensive medical, psychological and social trauma and rejection throughout their lives. Most of the victims in India belong to poor families who do not have sufficient money even for the victim’s treatment. But the truth is, most of the victims are disowned by their parents and are forced to live a secluded life. Around 90% of acid attack victims are women and most of them survive to those attacks.

In the year 2013, the Criminal Amendment Act, recognized acid attack as a crime and prescribed minimum imprisonment of 10 years which may extend to life sentence along with fine. But, legislation is not sufficient to stop such a heinous crime. More and more people have to come forward and fight for the cause. It is not the victims who has to suffer the social stigma, but the perpetrators who move freely in our nation. There has been a strict ban on the counter sale of acids in India as pronounced by the Supreme Court in 2013, but the open sale of acids stills continues even in the capital city, Delhi. The acids are freely available in the market which is regularly used by the people for cleaning their toilets. Thus, the perpetrators have easy availability of the acids. Their are NGO’s working in India to stop acid attacks, but initiatives has to be taken from each and every citizen to stop buying acids and even file a complaint to the concerned authority, if we come across a person selling acids freely. We all have a smart phone? Right? Just click a picture of the seller, so that he doesn’t disappear and file a complaint of the seller and make him popular.