Life is beautiful !!

Why do we worry so much? How can we make our lives peaceful and happy? Why do we feel gloomy at times, without any reason? Why are we caught in a web of contrasting thoughts at times? Why life seems to be so meaningless and useless? Will termination of life, erase all the pains? The number of questions is infinite but the end results are somewhat same. There is something or someone due to which we ain’t feeling happy.

Most of the times when we comes across such depressing and gloomy moments, we lose hope, which undoubtedly is the worst decision we take.

Firstly, what we need to understand is, that life is what we make it. It can never be the same. To achieve what we desire, we have to deal with the hurdles. We need to be strong, both physically and mentally. We need to have a positive mindset. We need to start believing in ourselves.

Secondly, we should never hold our pains. Share it with your closed ones, who may help you in finding a solution to your problems. Don’t worry, if you find yourself alone and you don’t have anyone with whom you can share your problem. Simply, write down your worries in a piece of paper. You will feel light. Try it out, it actually works.

Thirdly, instead of cribbing over something again and again, try to find a solution. Nothing is impossible in this world. Don’t forget what has always been taught to us, the word impossible also says, I-M-POSSIBLE. Still, if after putting so much of effort, things doesn’t get sorted, accept it as a part of life, because life can never be a bowl of colorful berries. But keep putting efforts. Effortless tasks gives zero result.

And lastly, have faith in yourself. The day you will lose faith from your own self, you can never make a change in your life. Every problem we come across is a part and parcel of life, which makes us sturdy to deal with the life in a better way. Believe in God and in your parents. Your parents will give the best piece of advice based on their experience. Don’t let troubles kill you. Kill the troubles.



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