Human vs Human: An Unending Battle

It is an unending battle. The battle of human vs human. They were not born as terrorists. They are people whose mothers forgot to teach them, that, we are humans. And we need to promote humanity. We need to respect people and forbid from killing them. But actually, why to blame their mothers, may be, these people had simply ignored their mothers teachings and are finding immense pleasure in killing “humans”.

The recent Paris attacks have shook the entire nation. The innocent souls had no idea, that something of this sort was about to take away their lives. Can the terrorist ever understand the basic fact, that, what was the fault of the parents who lost their children in that attack? Actually, what was the fault of those human beings who were present in that concert? Didn’t they have the right to live? To survive? To enjoy?

And then the French Military dropped 16 bombs in Syria. Syrians are still struggling with the aftereffects of the civil war of 2011. It is one of the worst humanitarian crisis in the history of wars. Syrian Refugees are still in the hunt of shelter and food. Their is no scope of their rehabilitation. But the matter of fact is, not everyone is a terrorist, then why such severe bombings in Syria? I am confused, whether, the methodology adopted by France will end terrorism? How can killing innocent people end the war? ISIS is responsible for the terror attacks, and not everyone in Syrian. Actually, it is difficult to ascertain, the correct mechanism to end terrorism. So, why to blame the nations. But an open message to the terrorists, please don’t forget, you too are a human being. You too have a mother, father, sister, brother, wife and kids. Have a heart. Forbid killing humans. Nowhere in the holy books of any religion, killing fellow beings have been permitted or promoted. Fear God !!





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