End of innocence

Undoubtedly, technology made our lives much easier. It made the world a global village. It made the functionality of our lives easier. It served as a boon for people of each and every age group. The modifications in the technology from telephone, fax, computers to mobile phones, tablets, Apple gadgets, Laptops further eased our lives. But do we realize the problems which followed the technology?

When my parents share their life experiences and their childhood stories, i could not actually relate to what i am seeing these days or to some extent what i have experienced. Recently, in a family function, all my relatives and their children of different age groups gathered at my place. We were singing and dancing to the tune of Bollywood music.

But on the other hand, it was so depressing to see the kids fiddling with their parents phone and few even owned their own phones, and their eyes were fixed on the screen of the phones and the tablets. They were busy messaging or chatting or playing games on the phone and they had no interest in playing games like hide-n-seek or chess or ludo or any other games which can be played in a group. I wonder why technology is snatching away the innocence of the kids and why the parents are not able to keep a check on their kids activities. Why kids are being exposed to content which is not suitable for their age. Why they are not being educated about the necessity of playing outdoor games, involving themselves with other kids.

But seriously, i am not trying to elucidate the banes of technology. It is ones personal choice to stick or not to stick to their phones throughout the day. Don’t let the real life fade away in the purview of technology.

(Even i am struggling to get rid of the habit of peeping into my phone to check if i have received any messages or mails)


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