Indian Railways- Serve me food!!

Though India is a developing country and rapid industrialization and globalization has added the element of “progress” in the Indian society, but the real picture of the society is altogether different. The real picture is far different from the statistical data which is shared with the public. Citizen of our country still lack the sense of responsibility towards the nation, their duty towards our mother land. We have been educated regarding our Fundamental Rights enshrined to us as well as the Fundamental Duties which we have towards our nation by the Constitution. But are we actually using it the way it is supposed to be used? Are we utilizing our fundamental rights and raising our voice if it is infringed? Are we showing respect to our nation by carrying out the fundamental duties that we are supposed to carry out? And the answer is NO.

In India, the so-called policy makers love-making policies but what about the implementation? The public have been complaining regarding the problems of day-to-day life but the Government is carrying out all its work on paper but not in practical terms.

17th December, 2014

While travelling from New Delhi to Assam in Dibrugarh Rajdhani, I had an encounter with a person from Guwahati who had a confirm RAC seat which means that he was not having a full seat but was entitled to a seat in on sharing basis. He was a college student going back home to celebrate Christmas with his family. But he could not communicate in Hindi, but only in English. English language in our country still remains the language of the metropolitan community who are educated. The common man still talks in our mother tongue, Hindi. Around 9 p.m. at night, the train attendant did not serve dinner to the person who had an RAC seat but served food to other passengers who had a confirm ticket. The person asked for his food packet, but the attendant said that RAC passengers are not served any food in accordance to the railway rules. The person was frustrated but he was unable to communicate his thoughts due to the language problem as the attendant could only understand Hindi.

I was witnessing the whole scenario and in order to confirm whether RAC passengers are served food or not, i dialed the Toll Free Passenger help-line number of Indian Railways and their response to my query was, “RAC Passengers are entitled to seat on sharing basis and complete catering service which includes food as given to the other passengers“. I told the attendant to serve food to the RAC passenger, or else i will be forced to file a complaint regarding him. The attendant was not expecting that anyone would raise their voice and there was a huge chaos among the passengers.

My co-passengers in the same compartment started getting mad at me. There take was that why am i fighting for someone whom i don’t even know and it is not feasible for a girl to act like a man.

So, this is our society? the real mentality of the people. Neither people will help others nor they will let others do what they feel like. Now, whom do you think is responsible for the non-implementation of the policy? The government or the public?

The answer is “public”. The day our society will start fighting back with unity, the policies will become stricter. The government will carry out their responsibilities well. If everyone would have raised their voice against the attendant for not serving food to that RAC passenger who was even humiliated for asking food, the attendant would not have even dared to do such an unethical act ever. A message to everyone, stay aware about your rights!!

Speak! Fight! If something wrong is happening in front of your eyes !!



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